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Climate Coders

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Coimbatore Institute Of Technology | India


Team members: Trishul Gandhi S, Arjun E R R, Sri Dhanush N, Sumesh V, Nithesh R, Sangeeth N.R.S, Agni Prasanth M.

We are the generation whose present and future is in jeopardy due to the impacts of climate change. We cannot sit on the sidelines observing the slow destruction of our livelihoods. We have decided that we need to act NOW. As students of the integrated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program in Coimbatore Institute of Technology, we decided to use the tools that we have at hand to address the pressing climate change issues.

We have decided to build capacities at public schools to analyze climate change using a python program so that they could understand the need for localizing adaptation and mitigation actions - with the motto that it’s never too early to learn. Our team is led by Trishul Gandhi and includes Sri dhanush, Sumesh, Arjun and Nithesh. We are professional outside and fun inside. As everyone in the team is sportive, mistakes are debugged with ease. Remembering the words "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." you can definitely see the team work in us.


Report 1: June 2022

The project Climate Coders is to teach public school students coding

and technology and concentrate on social problems so that they will be

able to solve problems using technology. Through this, the students would

be able to learn techniques and skills, improve themselves, and be

ready to prevent or solve societal problems. We have also

consulted and discussed this with the international advisory group to obtain

the syllabus from the Addis Coders.

The Project

We have partnered with The Ooty Public school for the laboratory service

and the Addis Coders to obtain the syllabus and keep us on track with the

jobs to be done. So, for Batch 1 we have two schools participating:

Veerapandi high school and Onnipalayam high school come forward for the

request we sent to them. We had great numbers, and we could maintain the

same strength.

We are currently in the process of implementing Project Climate Coders at

The Ooty Public school, Onnipalayam, Coimbatore, which officially started

last May 22, 2022, and is expected to complete the classes for Batch 1

by the end of July.


The project aims to give a chance to a lot of talents hidden in the rural

areas. There are a lot of students with great interest in doing something

new. We were able to know it through the sessions we took for the past 3


Through this project, the students would be familiar with the basics of

climate change and its impacts and would use a Python program to

analyze climate data. They would also have a basic understanding of the

climate change impacts on various sectors, including energy, agriculture, etc.

By the end of this, we develop a project on our own regarding climate

change which will be taught to the students and give them awareness

about the project.


Initially, we traveled to schools nearby and requested the school

management to send their students. As mentioned, we got permission from two schools, and with a total strength of 18 in the class, the sessions are

efficient with the numbers. We had to visit The Ooty Public school to lend

us the laboratory to work in. As a start, we had an inauguration ceremony

conducted in the school with the chairpersons of the institution, the

principals of the public schools, and the head of our department from the

university. The below phases are faced during the classes.


For 3 sessions,


During the project execution, the risks encountered were:

1. Time management was a bit out of hand in the beginning

2. Study materials for the students were not proper

Action plan

Session 1

The event conducted was covered and published by a local newspaper.


Report 2: July 2022

We have continued with classes according to the previously planned milestones and phases.


During the project execution, the risks encountered were:

1. Teaching the previous class portions to the Absentees was difficult.

2. Late comers

Action Plan

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