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Climate Literacy Stewards in Uplifting Eco-friendly Environment

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Bayero University Kano | NigeriaJapan


Team members: Musa Yahaya Yaro and Adamu BashirAhmad.

My name Adamu Bashir Ahmad and I’m from Kano, Nigeria Currently, I am studying Agricultural Engineering from Agricultural and environmental engineering department at Bayero University, Kano. Before went into University I studied Civil Engineering Technology in polytechnic. Years past through I start engaging in community service and Volunteerism. I start Advocating and making action in two areas which includes Education and Climate change, I’m passionate in making impact which I starts with volunteering as a teacher, and making Advocacy on SDGs focus on Goal 4 and Goal 13 specifically. I have worked with different types of people working on different group projects and organization , and I was able to perform well. I am an Alumni of YALI Regional Leadership Centre, member of Theirworld UK, Teach SDG Ambassador, IFSA member, AJAP-Nigeria and many other organizations. I'm Co-founder of Vertical Farm Ventures, a business entity that focuses on compose fertilizer production and Climate smart Agriculture organic farming techniques. I am very curious in meeting new people and sharing ideas. Recently I was delegated by international Forestry Students Association (IFSA) to Attend UNCCD COP15.

I am by name Musa Yahaya Yaro from I was born in 1996 I'm indegine of kano state Nigeria. Besides, I'm undergraduate that I'm studying Environmental management from the department of Environmental Management Bayero University, kano before the above information I passed through different programs which include having an approval course in English at jammaje academy similarly I also made more power to my elbow in forestry research institute of Nigeria as I also possess a certificate in access information online at digital Nigeria. Meanwhile, I'm interested and passionate in human services that I start with volunteering as a teacher at fidelity foundation and fideli globe network I'm working with Alfajr College of Education kano in passion of college secretary as a result I acquired so many experience and skills to perform very well. Above all I'm class rep in Environmental Management (conservation option) in particular, I'm admission officer Alfajr college Kano I'm chief examination officer at Almadinah international Kano in a sum I'm managing director of Yaro agrovet and consultative forum.

I admire meeting with new people so as to share different human blessings.


Report 1 : June 2022

What we achieved

Our progress these month leverage to have the necessary arrangement by establishing a network which will help us to achieve our Target. In a nutshell, below are the activities we undergo within this month

  • We start by contacting and involving volunteers

  • We are on process of reaching out to Student Affairs Division to formalize our activity, Our team will also send a letter of introduction and notification to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Sagir Adamu Abbas, Who is the chairman governing council of the university.

  • We are also in negotiation with some organization for partnership in order to help us achieve a successful project

  • We are trying to set up a work plan and stages of our project, Topics recommended for our campaign and Literacy workshops that was raise in our proposal.

Our next activity

  • Development and finding resources for student training

  • Meet with volunteers for capacity building on the project title

  • Visit the first school for climate literacy training


Report 2: July 2022

Our team is working day and night to make a difference within the community and also working closely to set up a wonderful strategy that will make the project have a measurable outcome. Below are some of the major progress and some are ongoing.

  • We had our first discussion with volunteers via WhatsApp platform and one-on-one meetings.

  • We reach out to the university community about our progress and the way forward to start our activity.

  • We have visited the school and started making the required arrangements for the session immediately after the examination of the school.

  • We are also in negotiations with some organizations for partnership in order to help us achieve a successful project, whereby we reach an agreement with two organizations on a literacy project.

Our next activity

  • Development and finding resources for student training

  • Continues the discussion with volunteers for capacity building on the project title

  • Visiting the school for climate literacy training


  • Delayed response by the school selected as a result of the examination

  • Strike by non-academic staff of university whereby we need support from them

Project Work Plan (Draft 2)


Report 3: August 2022

What we achieved

Our progress this month, the school is under end-of-session holiday and will resume by September. In a nutshell, below are the activities we underwent this month.

  • We identified the limitations and where to connect the students with future learning resources.

  • We collaborated with one of the global school advocates to share techniques.

  • We negotiated to secure Seedlings for Plantation after the lessons and set a tracking system for the plants.

  • We are trying to expand the project beyond our limitations.

Our next activity

  • Continuation of Development and finding resources for student training

  • Meet with volunteers to brief them how the activity and the schools we will be meeting immediately after the resumption of the schools

  • Visit the first school for climate literacy training

  • Challenges

  • We experienced the aspect of delay in responding to us

  • We have Financial problems with the activities, which require strong partners that will fund part of our schedule


Report 4: September 2022

This Month we achieved many goals and development in our project. All the school staff schools accepted our request and agreed to do our remaining activities, and also we are preparing for the seedlings, which are already secured from the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria Kano State Shelterbelt Station.

We are scheduled to visit each school, and we are going to create an Environmental club that will continue to provide a necessary requirement to all seedlings planted. Each member of the club will own one plant, and trees will be taken care of by the members of the club.

The club will provide all the necessary inputs, which include water and other nutrients (Manure) needed for the tree to be grown.

Next Activity

  • Orientation on the Climate Change and Environmental Phenomenon.

  • Green Business as a carrier job to students.

  • Tree Plantation

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