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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Saint Petersburg State University | Russian Federation


Team members: Anna Shapulenko, Darya Lutovinova, Alisa Melnik, Anna Bessonova, Anastasia Kravets

Our names are Anna Shapulenko, Anna Bessonova, Irina Alexeeva, Alisa Melnik, and Anastasia Kravets, and we all study Ecology and environmental management at Saint Petersburg State University. We are sophomores and juniors. It is the second year we have decided to take part in Global University Climate Forum. Last year we presented the game «World Climate Challenge.» Our project is connected to ecological education and aims to empower people to make personal and societal changes that benefit the environment. Our idea is to provide expert information in an educational, approachable, and encouraging way. A podcast is a great way to learn without having to read long professional texts, which not many people have time for. We will use interviews with ecologists, owners of eco-businesses, activists, and eco-volunteers t

o, inspire people who want to understand ecology even if they are busy.


Report 1: June 2022

So far, our team has received funding to organize the podcast recording. Moreover, the calendar plan was drawn up with topics and speakers for the podcast episodes. At the moment, the only difficulty was getting a grant. However, we overcame this problem by drawing up a well-designed application and attracting specialists from various organizations. Our next steps include purchasing equipment to record the podcast, developing the intro in a video editor, and script writing.


Report 2: July 2022

This month we have been working on the documents for receiving the grant money for our project. In total, we have received £1500 of funding from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs in Russian Federation.

We have also developed a monthly calendar plan to follow for the step-by-step development of our project and have set main deadlines. But, we faced some difficulties this month caused by our busy schedules due to the field research season at our university. It required us to work in remote locations with a low-quality Internet connection and little free time.

The next step we will take will be choosing the appropriate equipment for filming and sound-recording and start drafting scripts for the first interviews.


Report 3: August 2022

This month we have been choosing and buying equipment that we need for our podcast. Moreover, we have divided among ourselves the topics we would like to cover as part of this podcast.

We’ve also begun to work out a detailed plan for our podcast episodes and searched for experts who could be suitable for these podcast episodes.

Our next steps will be writing scripts, testing our equipment, and creating an intro for our podcast.


Report 4: September 2022

We have found engaging guest speakers for the first episodes. They have appropriate experience (work and research experience, as well as an activist position).

Also, we have been working on the script for the first episode and are shooting it

on September 18th.

We faced some difficulties this month with finding a studio for filming because

our University studio is temporarily closed.

The next step will be filming and editing the first episodes.

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