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Perception of Climate Change of Applicants to Municipal and Regional Governments in Peru

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

National Agrarian University La Molina | Peru


Team members: Isabel Camila Granados Quispe, Renzo Ivan Portugal De La Cruz, Maryann Alessandra Alata Chambilla, Max Gonzalo Peralta Tovar, and Kevin Octavio Ibarcena Barrios.

Our team, named "The climate justices," comprises 5 students, of which Camila Granados, Kevin Ibarcerna, and Renzo Portugal are environmental engineers. While Maryann Alata and Max Peralta are meteorological engineers and climate risk managers. The project we will carry out is "Perception of climate change of the candidates for municipal and regional governments in Peru." Our project seeks to know how much knowledge about climate change's impact and what measures or plans the candidates for mayor have. Additionally, we pretend to inquire if they have or not a strategic climate plan, in the way we offer to give some proposals that can be implemented in their government plan. This process will be developed through surveys and interviews to generate statistics published on our Facebook page.


Based on the initial work, objectives were determined for the project:

  • Examine the government plans of the government applicants

  • Generate an instrument that can measure the government candidates' perception of climate change.

  • Analyze the collected data and translate it into graphs that are easy to understand for the general public.

  • Provide recommendations on proposals for adaptation and mitigation to climate change to the candidates so they can complement their government plan.

What have we achieved during this time?

What have we achieved during this time?

It is essential to contextualize the project based on the electoral calendar that our country will face this 2022. The calendar establishes June 14, 2022, as the deadline for the registration of candidates and their government plans in the digital platform of the electoral authority.

Based on this date, the information search work was divided among the members of the group; likewise, tasks and compliance dates were assigned, having the following distribution:

It is also important to highlight the articulated work being developed with the Ph.D. Mabel Carhuancho León, leading professor at the La Molina National Agrarian University, who provided recommendations for the improvement of the project.

What do we expect for the next month?

What do we expect for the coming months?

According to the established schedule, for June, the government plans of the candidates for the municipal seat will be analyzed. A consolidation tool (measuring instrument) will be used, which will be developed based on the search for national and international records.

For July, it is planned to establish close contact with the candidates or their technical team to clarify proposals regarding climate change.

As for August, the analysis of the interviews and/or meetings with the candidates for mayor will be carried out meanwhile proposals will be outlined

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